About Loma

Loma's Vision
Creating a world where everyone loves oneself.

Explore, discover, and love yourself with Loma.

Everyone has the right to feel pleasure.

Loma is a brand driven by the mission to empower everyone to explore, discover, and love their sexuality and pleasure. We will continue to design new innovations on self pleasure and lead the liberation of sexuality.

Everyone has the right to love oneself

We believe the right to love oneself is a basic human rights for people of all gender identities, sexual orientation, age, religion, and anything that matters. Challenging the stigma of self-pleasure and masturbation, Loma pledges to create new forms of experience and values of love.  


Everyone deserves a WOW product experience

Loma designs and develops products with the belief that "WOW!" only happens when the product experience is unbelievably amazing, and that amazingness lies within innovation and creativity. 
In order to achieve this challenging goal, every single one of our products are heavily tested prior to launch and only released when it is guaranteed to satisfaction.