Loma Drystick

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1 Hour Solution to Male Masturbator Care
Dry easily & completely

  • Quick & Easy Drying  Insert and leave for 1 hour to completely dry the moisture after cleansing. Leftover moisture inside could lead to bacteria growth, deteriorating the condition of a masturbator.
  • Reusable  After using the drystick 3 times, microwave for 20 seconds or dry it in sunlight to reuse.
  • Safe & Durable  Loma Drystick is made of smooth, hard PP material and won't break like earth sticks. It is filled with high quality silica gel which absorb and hold moisture.
  • UNIVERSAL USABILITY   Sized 12.5*161mm, Loma Drystick can be used for all kinds of male masturbators including masturbator sleeves, masturbator cup, hip-sized masturbators, pocket pussies.